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A few chapters of our chronicle “Gasthaus Staude”:

The very first, who wanted to run a guest-house again in 1657 was Georg Biessinger. He was forced however by an administrator to close down again "due to major important reasons"

In 1674 Andreas Kuoner made a further attempt to do so near the border of Württemberg, between Langenschiltach and Gremmelslbach, probably at the place of the present Gust-house Staude. He had to face two different opinions towards his plans: 
Strong rejection on one hand side or delighted support on the other. The community of Nussbach with its administrator Jacob Fehrenbach as an opponent of his request at first verified his character-features and moreover the economical conditions of Kuoner. He was described to be a bad house-keeper and would have only "a small day labourer cottage" which is not even located at the district road. It would be just a dancing place and the duty to go to church, so the priest of Nussbach, a small village nearby would be neglected. He is continuing his complaints and all this is reported in that old kind of the German language, which was used in those days, and can not been translated equivalently and accordingly; but the meaning of his words is the following: The gust house is located a whole hour away on the side of the territories of Württemberg, so that the young people is supposed to have easily a good time in dancing, gambling, boozing, eating all day and night, and all this without any possibility of surveillance by official or church authority. The young people as well as other dissolute members of the local parish could come together on hidden places and could not been told to go to church or to religious lessons. 

The project was supported however by the administrator of the village Gremmelsbach Jacob Weinackher. The guest house would not only be welcome and convenient to the members of his community , being located as well near the district road, not far from the border to Württemberg, it would also be accepted by strangers and travelling people, the tax would be "attracted in that area thus", and the interest of the government would "be increased in a remarkable way".
The contract of concession was issued on July 26th in 1676 but was cancelled again on Septeber 10th the same year. 

The proprietor and the representative had to come to Triberg. where the decision of the government had been announced to them. The reason was that no credit at all had be granted to the proprietor.
Wine and food had to be paid cash, and the meat could not even been mentioned. He was asking however too high prices for wine and bread.. And moreover he could not pay the tax right away. 

So Kuoner took his profit from the situation, that his house was located far away from other people houses. He took on his stock again 200 litres of wine. When he thought to be uncontrolled he had a wedding ceremony to take place in his cottage for three days. 

The final concession for a guest house was issued without any problem on September 1st 1683 after the demand of the administrator Max Faller, being the proprietor of the Staude guest house at the same time by Johann Heinrich Moser from Weiler. The chamber of the government at Freiburg gave him the permission for it on August 27th.


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